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Hello everyone.  I am Becky Lewis RVT, CCRP.  I graduated from University of Tennessee’s first class and have been going strong ever since.  After practicing as a CCRP for 10 years now, I recently opened a rehabilitation facility last year in Salinas California, Motiv K9 Fitness Therapy.  Motiv is a full service state of the art facility with an in-ground large therapeutic pool, an underwater treadmill, all equipment for a range of therapeutic exercises, as well a Class IV Laser.

A current case I am working with is an 8 month Field Golden Retriever who recently was diagnosed with a bone cyst. From my research this is a rare occurrence. The location of this dog’s bone cyst was on the distal segment of her femur involving the medial condyle. The cyst ruptured and caused the medial condyle to fracture thus severing her caudal cruciate ligament. She also has minimal tearing of her ACL.  It took multiple examinations by several surgeons before her problem was diagnosed. The diagnosis was done by CT scan and palpation by an excellent veterinary surgeon in Northern California. After diagnosis, this puppy underwent surgery and is now in rehabilitation and recovering nicely.

I have been utilizing the underwater treadmill, a Class IV Laser, land treadmill and therapeutic exercises over the last six weeks. Her range of motion was WNL in her stifle, and the water treadmill was utilized to strengthen her muscles in the limb, taking care not to over extend her joint. Incorporating different modalities combined with therapeutic exercises at home, this puppy has gone from an obvious weight shifting on this limb to almost normal weight bearing.

Working in conjunction with the surgeon, I have recently added swim therapy into the rehabilitation program, for continued strengthening again being mindful not to over extend this limb during her swim phase.

Therapy goals are for this puppy to return back into a normal lifestyle and return to her high level of obedience training. This puppy is a field retriever and this owner plans on utilizing her for this purpose of training.

The therapy plan is to continue with rehabilitation for an additional six weeks while increasing her level of activity at home.  This puppy will then continue with maintenance swimming and continued therapeutic exercises.

In eleven years of performing rehabilitation this is my first such case. It has been great to work with this dog and it has forced me to think outside of the box in order to achieve the therapy goals.

I am interested to know if others have had similar cases.  If so, please do share some techniques and therapeutic exercises you utilized to rehabilitate your client.

I look forward to discussing your input and suggestions.

Becky Lewis RVT, CCRP
Motiv K9 Fitness Therapy




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