A Student for the Day


Dr. Kip Magneson recently finished his 40 hour externship with Motiv K9 Fitness Therapy.  We were very pleased to have him, and grateful he committed the time to drive once a week, 2.5 hour each way from his practice.

His objective was to watch and learn about Animal Rehabilitation in a practical setting.

Dr. Kip was a great help, and contributed to enriching the clients experience at Motiv K9 Fitness Therapy.  He was engaging with the clients, asked good questions and provided support to the clients, both human and canine during their appointments.

I appreciated having the opportunity to share some of my experience and learned techniques with a fellow UT student.  With Motiv K9 Fitness Therapy being a state of the art facility, there were many opportunities to learn and experience the different modalities at Motiv:  Class IV Laser Therapy, Swim Therapy both on the Water Treadmill and in the pool, the use of Therapeutic Exercises with the clients, and overall Health and Fitness Programs customized to each client.

For any of my colleagues willing to provide an externship experience, the professional discussions and interactions were beneficial, and enjoyable.  Since I was in the first graduating class I enjoyed and appreciated hear from Dr. Kip about the new methods and techniques he is learning at the University of Tennessee Rehabilitation Program.  Dr. Kip’s enthusiasm was especially inspiring to me as he is an established Veterinarian, embracing the Rehabilitation Field.

Good luck with your examine in December, Dr. Kip.

We hope your time at Motiv K9 Fitness Therapy was beneficial to your experiences in the Rehabilitation field. It was a pleasure to work with you.

Becky Lewis   RVT.CCRP
Motiv K9 Fitness Therapy

P.S.  I asked Kip to say hello to Dr. Millis and Dr. Levine.  You taught me well!

Becky Lewis RVT.CCRP
Motiv K9 Fitness Therapy

*To learn more about our CCRP program, please visit www.utvetce.com.


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Owner/CEO of Northeast Seminars. We specialize in continuing education and certification in the physical therapy, sports med, and canine rehabilitation fields.
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