Back-Saver: A Common Romanian Deadlift Mistake and a Quick Fix

Athletes use Romanian deadlifts to be stronger for their sport. Bodybuilders do it to
build muscle. Regular people use Romanian deadlifts to look good and for general
strength and fitness.

In short, regardless of the training goal, unless we feel or have been advised by a
medical professional that they’re contradicted for a certain individual’s injury or
limitation, Romanian deadlifts are used in some form or fashion in the Performance
U training approach. Which leads me right into the next tip…

One of the common mistakes lifters make when performing Romanian deadlifts is
that they create more extension than desired in their lower backs, which reduces
the amount of hip extension involvement.

Remember, it’s a hip hinge movement – the extension should come from the hips
instead of the lower back.

Here’s what this common mistake looks like, along with a simple technique fix:

Written by Nick Tumminello

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